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1) What is Recuperator ?
- Recuperator is basically a heat exchanger mounted in flue passage. The waste flue gases are utilised to pre-heat combustion air. Normally the combustion air is at ambient temp. If we heat the combustion air say up to 300 °C that much energy is saved. For every 100 ° C hot air 5% fuel saving can be achieved.

2) What is main disadvantage of using Recuperator in Coal fired furnaces ?
- It gets blocked with dust.
Remedy - Clean Recuperator tubes from outside every Week. It takes only 1/2 hours.
( We have designed special Recuperator for Coal Firing )
- This can be easily done during end of shift.

3) How easy is Recuperator cleaning ?
- It is very easy & can be done with any un-skilled labour.
- The design of Recuperator box is very important.
Our experience is if the job is very difficult then workers do not maintain the equipment, Therefore Recuperator box design should be operator friendly.

4) What is life of Recuperator ?
- Usually 4 - 6 years however selection of material is very important.

5) What is the material of Construction ?
- Normally there are two pipe banks ( Groups ) Hot Bank & Cold Bank.
- Hot bank shall be alloy Steel
- Cold Bank shall be Carbon Steel.

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